Welcome to the corporate website of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, where you will find all the institutional information about the Museum. In a daring attempt to favor new information and communication channels, the Guggenheim Bilbao presents the philosophy that governs its actions, its strategic goals, and its social responsibility in this site.

Apoyo a Museo

Corporate Members

The Corporate Members Program seeks the participation of the business world in the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao and is open to all kinds of businesses regardless of their size, location, or sector.

Through this commitment, companies and institutions strengthen their ties with the world of culture and gain a valuable tool for their communication and public relations strategies. In parallel, the Museum secures the ongoing collaboration that enables it to carry out its activities.

This corporate support is particularly important bearing in mind the innovative nature of private participation in Museum management.

There are different categories of collaboration within the Program that adapt to companies’ diverse needs. All categories entitle Members to general benefits, such as participation in Museum events, public acknowledgment as collaborating company, the possibility to hold company events in the Museum spaces, preferential access to the Museum through invitations and free guided tours, or the possibility to use the image of the Museum in corporate communications materials.

Besides the common benefits, each category has a number of special advantages.

Founding Trustees

Founding Trustees are the Basque Institutions—Basque Government and Provincial Council of Biscay—and The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation. They constituted the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao Foundation and are members of its supreme governing bodies.

Strategic Trustees

The highest category of participation, its main feature is the Members’ involvement as sponsors of exhibitions and projects. Strategic Trustees participate in the Executive Committee of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao Foundation.


Members of the Board of Trustees of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao Foundation thanks to its private-public managerial model. Trustees may also personalize the advantages and benefits they are entitled to as part of the Corporate Members Program.

Corporate and Media Benefactors

In this category of participation, Members may not only enjoy the exclusive advantages the Program has to offer, but have other free benefits as well.

Associate Members

Basic category of participation in the Program. Thanks to a lower contribution, a larger number of companies can join the Program. From a diverse array of professional sectors, the Associate Members has a significant implantation among local corporations.


In addition to the Corporate Members Program, there are other ways of cooperation with the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, such as sponsoring specific exhibitions and other forms of supporting the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao’s activities.

Occasional sponsorship of projects offers companies the opportunity to gain major exposure of their brands on different materials and publications.

Companies also benefit from a series of marketing and public relations advantages, such as invitations to events and Museum tickets, use of the facilities for business events, and guided tours.

Activities that may be sponsored are:

  • Temporary exhibitions and presentations of the Permanent Collection

  • Educational programs

  • Visitor services

  • Website

  • Publications

  • Lectures

  • Film cycles

  • Grants

  • Events organized by the Museum

Individual Members

The goal of the Individual Members Program is to obtain maximum social backing for the Museum by increasing and maintaining the number of Individual Members through a Program that keeps them informed and helps them enjoy the activities designed exclusively for them and those open to the general public.

The Individual Members have always been a group of the utmost importance to the Museum. They share the feeling that they are part of an international project associated with the world of culture. This calls for various efforts, which result in a diverse, high-quality program, complementary activities, services that guarantee comfort and accessibility on their visits, and an open line of communication that keeps them abreast of events to enjoy.

The remarkable fidelity of our Members and the high level of participation of the local society means that approximately 19,000 people are part of the Program, which has become a benchmark for similar fidelity groups in other museums and associations.

The Museum’s Individual Members Program includes different categories of participation.

Museum Members

Besides permanent access thanks to a personal card, Museum Members have other exclusive advantages in neighboring cultural institutions.

International Members

This category is aimed at people with a special interest in modern and contemporary art. Their membership entitles them to preferential access to Museum programs and exhibitions, as well as activities such as cultural trips.

Honor Members

People with a very special commitment towards cultural life and to the Museum are invited to participate in this membership category.

Honor Members