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//Strategic Plan 2018–2020
Plan Estratégico 2009-2012


Throughout the four strategic planning cycles that have elapsed since 2009, the Museum has consistently devised and implemented Strategic Initiatives based on the evolution of the institution itself, advances in the culture industry, and the economic, social, educational, and technological contexts that will allow the Museum to realize its 2020 Vision.

The main objectives of the 2018–2020 Strategic Plan are to consolidate the Museum’s artistic personality and define a digital strategy in order to maximize its leadership in the museum and education communities. Through ten Strategic Initiatives set for this period, the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao will strengthen its position as a leading museum and artistic benchmark in the local and global context and within the Guggenheim Constellation.

Progress of Strategic Iniciatives

Strategic Goals
Strategic Goals

The Strategic Goals express the Museum's long-term aspirations, the priority areas deemed essential to the success of the institution's strategies with a view to the year 2020: (...)

Strategic Objectives 2009–2012
Strategic Objectives

The Strategic Objectives describe the steps that the Museum must take in the short term to successfully meet its Strategic Goals. The objectives set for the 2018–2020 period are as follows: (...)

Strategic Initiatives 2020
Strategic Initiatives

The Strategic Initiatives for 2018–2020 build and expand upon initiatives pursued over the last 10 years and the scope, innovative nature, and intensity of their content make it possible to extend them to 2020, adapting them to the new demands of today and making the additions and improvements required by the natural evolution of the Museum’s identity and activities. To these we have added new initiatives, contemplated in the medium-term vision statement formulated in 2009 and aligned with the guiding principles that underpin the model of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. (...)