Welcome to the corporate website of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, where you will find all the institutional information about the Museum. In a daring attempt to favor new information and communication channels, the Guggenheim Bilbao presents the philosophy that governs its actions, its strategic goals, and its social responsibility in this site.

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Responsabilidad Social_

The activities of the Guggenheim MuseumBilbao are committed to satisfyinggeneral interest, facilitating the people’sacquaintance with culture, promotingthe values of tolerance and respect, andcontributing to the public’s education in art.

Our Mission Statement includes aresponsibility to create, preserve, andexhibit an important cultural heritage, aswell as research the works of art and endowthem with meaning, providing access andeducation to a broad and diverse audience.

To this end, we want to foster valuesassociated with culture and tolerance, andbe a driving force in the local social andeconomic context.
The Museum undertook these commitmentsfrom the time of its inception. The Basquepublic institutions not only wanted toprovide the community with a culturalinstitution of the highest order. They alsowanted the Museum to be a prime mover inthe urban and economic transformation of Bilbao and the community it serves.

The Museum wishes to heed the EuropeanCommission calling for organizations to focus their activities on ways to benefit society as a whole. The GuggenheimMuseum Bilbao is a non-profit institutionaimed at the common good, but as such, it is also committed to going beyond the legal requirements and the very nature of its activities, by incorporating economic, social, and environmental policies into its management.

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